For a While

by Pixeltune

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spacefolder Those stacked layers, wow! Redefining the gameboy sound! An ever evolving and progressive album, starting with sparse heartbeats and growing in complexity both musical and sound-design-wise. Hard to pick just one tune, but Half Awake blew my mind. Introspective and powerful, blending perfectly with that roomy piano. Sir, I tip my hat and bow in respect. Favorite track: Half-Awake.
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Calavera There are few chipmusic releases that can make me feel like 'For a While' does. I find myself continually coming back to it - not just for its soaring, layered chords, or its schizophrenic bass-growls, but for its intensely introspective, fragile, beautiful moments. 'Half-Awake' manages to do all these things within just one song! Well done, Pixeltune. Favorite track: Half-Awake.
James York
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James York No one does chiptune like Pixeltune. I'm a fan of everything he has done so far and am amazed to see where he's taking the genre. This release is exceptional. The chords, the emotion, the technical prowess... another levelよ!
Pain Perdu
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Pain Perdu A very solid follow up to his previous album, this one improves on many aspects and focuses more on evocative, sometimes very emotionally intense songwriting while retaining jaw dropping crisp sound design and production. Pixeltune delivers his best and most introspective release yet. Favorite track: Half-Awake.
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12/29/15 - 6/29/16

This is a story about my best friend. Thank you for listening.


released October 14, 2016

Music written, performed, and produced by Chris Swanson.



all rights reserved


Pixeltune Phoenix, Arizona

I'm 18 and I make music with a gameboy

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Track Name: Heartbeat (Intro)
I could feel her heartbeat as she wrapped her arms around me. It's such a simple thing that everyone has, but I felt honored that she would share it with me.
Track Name: Gemini
They say that Geminis are two-faced, backstabbing, and duplicitous, but I don't believe it. She definitely had two sides to her, one that roared with passion, and the other that let that fire bloom slowly and tenderly.
Track Name: Half-Awake
Her dress: a deep, liquid teal. An endless current of water cascaded from her body, trickling down into the skirt, flowing into an infinite layer of waves. The straps and the waist were adorned with countless rhinestones that captured her light and reflected it like drops of water ejected from a cresting surge. Even her nails looked like waves, painted the same teal, and tipped with an uneven, effervescent layer of silver and white. Her lips bore a subtle pink color; her hair was pulled out of her face with a clip on each side of her head, and trailed down into a seemingly endless loop of curls; and her eyes. Her oceanic eyes.
Track Name: Cliffs
It looked like so much fun; I wanted to so badly. But her beautiful, reflective blue eyes glossed over and told me no. It wasn't safe, they said. I didn't want to make her upset, but I also didn't want her to stop me from doing something that I would enjoy. I lost my cool. A weekend away turned into a nightmare.
Track Name: Rose Thorn
Once she told me how in love with flowers she was. How the petals folded and crept over one another and how the colors struck the eye and how their aroma filled the nose. She also loved that they had a means of defense, a harsh armor around a delicate shell. I started taking pictures of flowers much more often after she told me that.
Track Name: L(ove)ust
Did I actually love this girl, or was I only with her because I finally found someone who wanted to be with me? Did I not want to give up her, or did I not want to give up her kisses and touches? Did I actually care about her, or was I being selfish as always?
Track Name: Darkness
A friend died. We fought. The world lost heroes. These things happen, but they all happened at once. Concentrated darkness fell over us. It blanketed us and forced us down. I feared we wouldn't be able to climb back up.
Track Name: For a While (Outro)
I guess it wasn't meant to be. No fight, no anger, no curses or accusations or hostility. Life took us in opposite directions, that's all. We were both glad that it lasted, at least for a while.